was born when a group of card game lovers got together to put all their knowledge and expertise together in order to help out like-minded individuals. We started off as mere blackjack players and soon began developing our own blackjack strategy and got extremely better at it. Mind you, we do know how card counting works, but we don’t condone it, nor will you find info on how to do it here.

Instead, we here at Blackjackgeeks provide our readers with all the necessary blackjack education to help them start playing the game. More so, we also provide you with ways to play blackjack online with some of the best and safest online operators in the UK. You can’t quite enjoy the game unless you have a good platform to play with.

Besides offering you reviews about blackjack casinos to play with, Blackjack Geeks does its best to analyse each and every promotion that a brand may offer. Welcome bonuses are truly important and valuable and we understand how paramount they can be to a player. Therefore, we look to review each one of them so our readers will know exactly what they can find when signing up with a brand.

But promos are not everything and Blackjackgeeks com is aware of this. So we also go into deeper analysis and study all the site features that the brand has. For instance, live blackjack is, in our opinion, one of the most important pieces of the puzzle a site should have. Also, there is the small thing of adding a casino app as well. We look for sites that are professional in the way they handle their business and in terms of what they offer to each player.

Of course, we take player safety and addiction as our main concerns. For that reason, all of the brands that we take a look at first have to have a legitimate gambling licence. Player safety is our number one priority as our aim is to help. Also, gambling addiction is something that we don’t take lightly and we strictly follow gambling awareness rules and prompt our readers to do the same.

Following our site and reading our articles will grant you access to a full array of useful information when it comes to choosing an online casino operator. We provide more experienced players with some tips and tricks while offering some blackjack recommended literature for those that are new to it.

All in all, we know exactly what you are looking for because we were in your place some time ago. We want to provide you with a faster and easier way to find online casino opportunities, so you don’t have to waste too much of your time yourselves.


What does Blackjackgeeks stand for?

Blackjackgeeks is a site created by a group of blackjack lovers that provides you with online casino reviews, bonus offer analyses, available bonus codes, and generally detailed reviews about notable online casino brands in the UK.

Does Blackjackgeeks have only legal and licensed casinos?

Yes, it does. You will find only reviews and information about online casinos in the UK that have a legal licence to offer their services to interested parties.

What can I do if I think I have a gambling problem?

If you start noticing that you or somebody dear to you has a gambling problem, you should consult our gambling addiction page for advice. You will be directed towards gambling therapy help or may ask the services of gamblers anonymous to resolve these issues.